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2 day Rocket Workshop: Sun Salutations, Leg behind the head, Twisting technique

Sun Salutations
Leg behind the head
Twisting technique
During these two days of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to refine your practice and learn the techniques that can help you access further strength and mobility. We are going to offer different options in each teaching so you will find a place that you can start to work and develop your practice from there
Day 17 September: SUN SALUTATIONS 
Learn foundation through sun salutation alignment and floating technique
Sun salutations can help you to develop all the aspects within the ASHTANGA and ROCKET practice. Let’s find out how this set of movements can support you
Day 2 Leg behind the head and twisting technique
Both movement demand hip mobility and stability and a lot of shoulder mobility. In this workshop, based on technique and functional anatomy, you will learn how to deepen and develop these two aspects of your practice within ASHTANGA and Rocket system
Gain technique that will support your body and your progress within the practice
Prices are 50€ per day
Time 12:30- 16:00
See you on the mat
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 Brabantse Turfmarkt 32 Delft