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SPECIAL CLASSES – Feldenkrais method -Awareness Through Movement®-

Dates: 29/9, 13/10, 27/10, 10/11, 24/11, 8/12, 22/12
Time: 15:00 – 16:00
Fee: 12 euro per class (drop in)


How did you learn to walk/stand/sit/move?

Whatever you do in your life, each tiny motions you do, you are the one who is giving command from the brain through the nervous system to move in that specific way. You are the one who taught yourself to move in that way.

But what if, the way you move isn’t suitable for you anymore? That’s when you get chronic pain or feel limitation. According to change in life and body, movement has to be rearranged and maybe learn new patterns of moving.

In these lessons, you are verbally led through a series of movement sequences, which utilise attention, perception and imagination. Each lessons are designed to make you aware of what you are doing, to introduce you new patterns of moving. The movements are usually done lying down or sitting, in a range of comfort.

Suitable for people who

  • wants to improve performance in work, sports and life
  • are having chronic pain or limitation
  • have neurological problems
  • are young to old, athletic to non-athleticIf you want to know more of HOW it works… (well explained short video)

    Mai Tasaka
    Certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Yoga teacher. Member of Nederlandse Feldenkrais Vereniging.

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 Brabantse Turfmarkt 32 Delft