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Workshop with Tim: Put your hands down and lift your feet up :)

Put your hands down and lift your feet up!! Welcome to the playground. In this workshop we built the foundation of the funky hand balances sometimes offered in your regular classes.

The first part will cover the basic alignment of Bakasana or crane pose and its variations. For the second part we are taking the feet way up and explore Pincha Mayurasana a.k.a. Feather of the Peacock. You’ll be surprised how closely connected these balancing postures are and how you can access them.

As a bonus we’ll talk about the emotional aspect of these challenging postures, but most of all have fun while you’re there.


Teacher: Tim de Ruiter
Fee: €25,-
Register: info@banyanyoga.nl

Door opens 10 minutes before the workshop.

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 Brabantse Turfmarkt 32 Delft