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Yin Yoga Special with Peggy

Yin Yoga Special

Destress, Recover & Relax


In this workshop youll experience the effect of Yin related yoga on your body using a tennis ball. It will give you some insights and techniques to help you to become more flexible. Youll learn to release tension and pain, and free emotional energy stored in the body. Afterwards youll notice a smoother and more stable yoga practice.

Well integrate and explore some breathing techniques, adding extra pleasure and relaxation to this form of yin yoga, and seal the workshop with a longer relaxing posture to allow the effect to sink in deeply in. After this workshop, youll be able to apply the technique of deep tissue relaxation (or deep tissue release) easily at home.

Date Sunday 25 October 2020

Time 16.00-17.30hrs

Teacher Peggy

Price 20

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This workshop is open to everyone


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 Brabantse Turfmarkt 32 Delft