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Cassandra Kosten

About 20 years ago I experienced yoga for the first time. Unfortunately I used to come in class running and stressed, which made me fail to experience the essence of yoga. Yet there was something that attracted me and so I continued to attend classes. It still took some years to find the inner peace to fully enjoy what yoga brings, but now I know that yoga is my path.

But, yoga is not a thing to talk about. You need to practice it! Only then you’ll discover what it can provide to you. I hope to see you soon in one of my classes!

Cassandra says:Yoga is a gift to yourself, each and every practice. And I’d like to share this gift with as many people as possible.


Originally from Japan. I am a yoga teacher, a Feldenkrais teacher, and a mother of two. After I devoted my life to dance for 18 years, I encountered yoga. Yoga has been always there for me and it became the simplest way to come back to myself.
Feldenkrais method is also a big passion for me. The method taught me the world and keeps inspiring me. And through the method, I have deep knowledge of anatomy as well.
“The ability to learn in synonymous with free choice and free will.” by Moshe Feldenkrais
Hope to see you in the studio!


Coming soon 🙂


With a lot of fun I teach yoga at different locations. I’m also a (holistic) life coach. I enjoy giving workshops and organizing national and international yoga retreats. Every day I’m grateful that I can share my knowledge and experience with others. A life in which I can help others and learning myself at the same time makes me feel like i never have to work again.


After her art and philosophy studies, Robinson left for India to explore the philosophy of Yoga. She then became hooked on the postural practice of yoga as she spend time with Iyengar and Hatha teachers. Back in Holland she started to develop deep love for Vinyasa.

“I felt like I travelled out of the mind and into the body which gave me so much more joy in life.
I am passionate about helping you to connect to your body and feel better in your body. Whether that’s releasing any tension/stress or find your inner strength. In my classes I will guide you to stabilize and then flow with ease from that fundament.”


Hi there! My name is Lynn & I have been a yoga teacher since 2013. I am lucky enough to call myself a global citizen as I was born in Luxembourg, raised in the United States, and have also lived and travelled to more countries than I can count.  This is a big part of my identity as I absolutely love meeting, working with, and creating connections with people from all over the world & all walks of life. I am also a perinatal doula, both in the Netherlands and in Luxembourg, and therefore, feel deeply passionate about empowering women through their journeys into motherhood. For now, I very much enjoy living in the Netherlands and so, I plan on staying for a while. I teach most yoga styles including Yin/Yang, Vinyasa, Hatha, Bhakti, Yin, & Restorative practices. I cannot wait to see your beautiful face in my class! Namaste!


Fanny discovered yoga in Southeast Asia where yoga helped her reach outer and inner strength. She decided to embark on a yoga teacher journey and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Amsterdam in July 2017.

As a yoga teacher, her objective is to create a safe environment for her students, help them deepen their practice and enhance their body and mind awareness. Through a compassionate approach, she aims to help her students find their own version of each posture.

Fi de Wit

Born and Raised in The Hague Fi is a Yogi, Dancer and Visual artist. Fi acquired her certification in RYT 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa  in Rishikesh, India. Fascinated by eastern philosophy and finding new innovative ways to incorporate it in modern western culuture.Fi is deeply intrigued by emotions and how they manifest in our bodies. Whilst on her travels around the world Fi has acquired and discovered knowledge and techniques in the body/mind realm. Educated in masters of creative arts therapy it is her aim to enrich the lives of those she works with bring body mind awareness and wellbeing. Fi teaches diverse styles of yoga, pilates, workshops and therapeutic sessions to adults, adolescents and kids.




Originally from Finland, the year 2016 I found my way into the Netherlands to study becoming a clinical psychologist. Along the way I noticed that a more spiritual framework was needed to explore the human experience – yoga became my main focus.

My yoga mat is a place where I can return to no matter what happens in life. I know my practice will always be there for me independent of the phase in my life. For me, meditation and yoga are the most comprehensive tools to adapt to life and learn more about myself. I have been trained in Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Hope to see you on the mat!


My name is Iris, I am a mother of 2 and I teach several styles of yoga (vinyasa, hot, yin/yang, yin). Practicing yoga to me is a practice of/for life. Once started so many years ago, I could not imagine my life without it. Not only has practicing yoga strengthened my body and calmed my mind, helped me find healing and love and a deeper connectedness to my inner world and therefore the outer, yoga has provided a reflective space, the source for a peaceful life inside all of its turbulent outings. Sharing that feels only natural and I feel grateful every time I teach a class. Becoming a yoga teacher has been quite a journey so far, and continues to be. Every class is a wonderful chance to guide people to tap into the present moment, intuition, creativity and the ongoing process of expanding awareness. I love how this resonates in group context.