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Cassandra Kosten

About 20 years ago I experienced yoga for the first time. Unfortunately I used to come in class running and stressed, which made me fail to experience the essence of yoga. Yet there was something that attracted me and so I continued to attend classes. It still took some years to find the inner peace to fully enjoy what yoga brings, but now I know that yoga is my path.

But, yoga is not a thing to talk about. You need to practice it! Only then you’ll discover what it can provide to you. I hope to see you soon in one of my classes!

Cassandra says:Yoga is a gift to yourself, each and every practice. And I’d like to share this gift with as many people as possible.


Passionate ~ Adventurous ~ Strong

I am Surya, devoted Yogini, mama of a beautiful earth Angel (9), artist, musician and life lover & adventurer. My intention is to be fully awake in this life and to be of Highest Service to all. I love flowing with the winds of life and meeting beautiful souls on the way, dancing, walking barefoot and swimming in the ocean with my daughter?

Ashton Stefina


I was born and raised in Canada on a farm far away from the nearest city. I was always intrigued by alternative ways of living. After moving to the city of Toronto, I was exposed to lots of different cultures, food, people, ways of life and also yoga.

​When I was 18 years old, I tried my first yoga class with a very experienced and kind teacher. I couldn’t quite understand what yoga was about or how he managed to get into such interesting postures and still be so calm and collective. I grew to love the feeling of coming to my mat and not expecting anything but receiving so much. I was so intrigued and I kept coming back for more.

I have tried almost every style of yoga imaginable. From Bikram to Yin Yoga, and Ashtanga to Hatha. I enjoy them all but I’ve always gravitated towards Vinyasa because of the dance like flow. Yoga has been a huge part of my life ever since I took my first class. It not only showed me how to feel in control of my body but also peaceful in my mind.

After many years of practicing I made the decision to dive deeper into my yoga journey and become a certified teacher to spread the light of yoga. I am now sharing my love and passion of yoga through Vinyasa Flow classes, meditation and pranayama techniques to help people reconnect with their mind, body and soul.


With a lot of fun I teach yoga at different locations. I’m also a (holistic) life coach. I enjoy giving workshops and organizing national and international yoga retreats. Every day I’m grateful that I can share my knowledge and experience with others. A life in which I can help others and learning myself at the same time makes me feel like i never have to work again.


After her art and philosophy studies, Robinson left for India to explore the philosophy of Yoga. She then became hooked on the postural practice of yoga as she spend time with Iyengar and Hatha teachers. Back in Holland she started to develop deep love for Vinyasa.

“I felt like I travelled out of the mind and into the body which gave me so much more joy in life.
I am passionate about helping you to connect to your body and feel better in your body. Whether that’s releasing any tension/stress or find your inner strength. In my classes I will guide you to stabilize and then flow with ease from that fundament.”


When I was a teenager, I discovered a great interest for Asia and its traditions and disciplines, and I was fascinated by different writers describing this ancient culture. I came to The Netherlands from Italy to work as a cook, and looking for a method to relieve the stress of a very demanding job, I was introduced to Yoga by a friend of mine. Since then, Yoga became part of my daily life: practice brought me love, health and peace of mind. Eventually, my friend became a Swami and guided me along this beautiful path for the last 8 years.
In 2011, I travelled around Asia experiencing my meditation path through different kinds of retreats, and in January 2015 I quit my job to dedicate all my time to Yoga and to deepen my knowledge and practice. Then, I went to Florence to become a Yoga teacher. There I discovered the importance of the breath, the energy of life which calms the mind and creates transformation when it is connected with movement. Since than i fell in love with the Ashtanga practice and its modifications, giving in my classes  a dynamic sequence of poses, based on the connection between breath and movement, to flow through the asanas and wake up the mind, energise the body, and let go of thoughts ­­while at it, you reach this point where energy and relaxation meet.


In this life there are no guarantees. Everything changes. We evolve and grow, but only if we allow life to flow organically and encourage movement within and around us. Yoga has had various personal evolutions and spiritual shifts. I take each day as it comes, with no expectations which I then integrate into my yoga practice and teachings. Life has thrown me some hard challenges. I am grateful to still be here, and share my love for yoga, the body and this crazy life. Acceptance is key and in my classes I just want my students to Do You and Be You. Expect playfullness, good beats, humor, body safety and awareness and above all “soul time” in my classes. Hope to see you on your mats!


Fi de Wit


Born and Raised in The Hague Fi is a Yogi, Dancer and Visual artist. Fi acquired her certification in RYT 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa  in Rishikesh, India. Fascinated by eastern philosophy and finding new innovative ways to incorporate it in modern western culuture.Fi is deeply intrigued by emotions and how they manifest in our bodies. Whilst on her travels around the world Fi has acquired and discovered knowledge and techniques in the body/mind realm. Educated in masters of creative arts therapy it is her aim to enrich the lives of those she works with bring body mind awareness and wellbeing. Fi teaches diverse styles of yoga, pilates, workshops and therapeutic sessions to adults, adolescents and kids.



From the age of 5 I have been intensively engaged in ballet and other dance forms and later attended dance academy. Through years of physically demanding training I noticed that my body needed more stability and strength, but especially a more holistic approach. Yoga offered it all.

In my lessons, playfulness comes first: never forget to play! The experiment, continuing to challenge yourself in a relaxed way, play with balance and discover what you thought you could never do: yoga is so much fun! I like organic movement and creating creative flows connected to the breath.



Online soon.


Originally from Japan. I am a yoga teacher, a Feldenkrais teacher, and a mother of two. After I devoted my life to dance for 18 years, I encountered yoga. Yoga has been always there for me and it became the simplest way to come back to myself.
Feldenkrais method is also a big passion for me. The method taught me the world and keeps inspiring me. And through the method, I have deep knowledge of anatomy as well.
“The ability to learn in synonymous with free choice and free will.” by Moshe Feldenkrais
Hope to see you in the studio!