Frequently asked questions

Which style suites you is a personal choice. You could try different lessons and experience with which one you feel best in. Each class and teacher is different, that’s what makes yoga fun! This also means that styles can differ per teacher and studio. And with a once a week subscription at Banyan Yoga you are free to choose which class to take, you’re not stuck to one specific lesson/time/day. This way you can take a Hatha lesson one week and a Ashtanga lesson the next. You can also decide to take several trial/single lessons. Please do check the schedule for the red peppers, which represent the physical intensity of the lesson.

Nope. You don’t need to be agile to practice yoga, but you will become more flexible once you practice on a regular basis.

Just choose something comfortable to wear. Clothing in which you can easily move and which leaves some room to stretch; (yoga/sport)clothes without zippers and stuff. Preferably don’t wear watches and/or jewelry. You can decide to bring something warm for the relaxation part at the end of a class, like a sweater, socks or a vest. Blankets are available at the studio. Avoid wearing perfume during yoga classes. Not only is this better for your breathing, but also for your fellow practitioners. And…yoga you do bare-footed!

It is nice to have your own mat to practice on. But you can also use a studiomat. Bolsters, blocks, belts and blankets are available at the studio. You also might want to bring a towel for the more intensive lessons like Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga: Sweating guaranteed!! There are no showers in the studio.

Our advise is not to drink during the lessons because this cools down your body, which is what we don’t want during practice. Of course it’s not prohibited, but if you want the advantages which yoga brings, please don’t drink during your practice. It’s even more comfortable for yourself not to drink 30 minutes before class. After class we recommend you to wait 30 – 45 minutes before eating or drinking and give your body and mind the time to rest.

We recommend not to eat 2 hours prior to your practice, but practicing on an empty stomach is also not comfortable. In that case you could eat something light, for example fruit.

Due to corona we kindly ask you to book your class in advance. Members can book their classes through the App. We do have a maximum capacity of 15 people due to corona.

In the studio you can use PIN or pay cash. For subscriptions we use direct debit.

Respect your body’s monthly cycle. Respecteer de cyclus van je lichaam. Lower your pace during you period, take it easy and avoid intensive lessons, inversions and backbends. During the lessons you will be told which asana’s not to do but we will offer you alternatives or modifications. Basically we recommend not to practice at all during the first three days of your period.

Silence strengthens inner peace. Therefor Always switch off your phone when your in the studio and try to be quiet before and after class. To assure each lesson can start quiet and in a relaxed way, we ask you to be present 10 minutes before class starts.

Most lessons are NOT suited during pregnancy. You can best choose the pregnancy-yoga lessons (which will be put on the schedule when there is enough demand).

Most lessons are suited for beginners. And you have to start somewhere. If needed our teachers will give options for difficult postures.

It depends on the type of injury. Always inform the teacher, but also always check up with your doctor (general practitioner) or specialist in advance. When you’re already a member it is possible to suspend your subscription during your injury. Let us know asap by email. You can not do this retro-actively.

During the lessons different options are provided. This ensures the lessons suited for all levels of experience. Please have a look at the schedule and check the red peppers, which are an indication of the physical intensity of each lesson.

Yes, all our teachers are certified.

The more often you practice yoga, the better the result. But practicing once a week will already contribute to a better physical and mental health. Research has shown that when you practice 3 times a week you will have an optimal result. Usually you will start to notice a difference after 2 months.

No, you can join any class. You also don’t need to sign in prior to any lesson.

You can start at any date and time that suites you best.

An unlimited subscription means you can join any class as often as you want.

Payments for subscriptions are executed through direct debit. For trial/single lessons you can pay by way of PIN or cash.

We have a notice period of one calendar month.  Notices can only be given via email. Note: you need to receive re-confirmation of your notice. Should you not have received this re-confirmation within 7 days, we may not have received your email. This is your responsibility.

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. We also do not refund if and when you did not understand the general conditions or violate any of them.

Remember it’s your practice and your body. Always take into account your current potential and be patient. Try to find your balance between your ambition and enthusiasm. Be nice to yourself! Listen to your body and know and accept your limitations.

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